Bayside Presents

Russell Jacques

Internationally known sculptor and painter, exhibiting new works at Bayside

In Contemplation of Something Greater

Russell Jacques In His Own Words

"When I paint I'm actually having a conversation with myself, not using words but using colors and shapes. The outcome can at times be a rather complex dialogue or, at other times a few simple sentences. Either way, the purpose is not necessarily intended to represent or reproduce objects from nature but rather outward expressions of my thoughts and emotions at the time. The act of painting is quite private and personal for me. . . it keeps my alter ego busy and myself out of trouble."

"There is, for me,  a whole fascinating world that exists beyond realism.  What captures my attention are the intangibles in life.  Things you can't see but certainly can feel: elegance, angst, integrity, sincerity, fear, happiness.  Putting a face on any of these is quite exciting and challenging to me."

Jacques is a native New Englander.  He received his BFA from Boston University and completed postgraduate studies at Westfield State College for Massachusetts's teacher certification. After spending sixteen years in the public school system, he launched his full-time career as a sculptor and painter. He has exhibited at the National Academy of Design, Allied Artists of America, and the Audubon Society in New York City. His many credits include the Whitney Museum of American Art, The National Gallery of Nova Scotia, The National Ballet of Canada, and the Boston Ballet Company.

Russell's sculpture and paintings can be found in prominent museums, corporate and public art collections throughout the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Mexico, Holland, England, and Nova Scotia. Now, you can enjoy his most recent works here at Bayside in Newport Beach, an exhibit curated by art consultant Antoinette Sullivan.

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